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A TPMS Sensor from Ride-On Offers the Security You Need

A TPMS Sensor from Ride-On Offers the Security You Need

Since 1995, Ride-On has been committed to the highest levels of quality. A fact that is evidenced through our thousands of satisfied customers that have driven billions of miles in tires treated with Ride-On. Our dedication to high tech, safe and affordable tire protection is also evident in our first-rate line of products.

Our LED Smart Cap Tire Pressure Monitor TPMS is an industry leading tire pressure sensor that is designed to automatically calibrate to a tire’s internal pressure. The highly effective and reliable tire pressure monitor is even capable of telling the difference between a pressure change caused by a puncture and the natural fluctuations in pressure caused by the natural rise and fall of a tire’s temperature due to climate change and friction from riding.

This first rate TPMS sensor comes in two types – the Lights Vehicle model is ideal for motorcycles, scooters, small cars, even light trucks, trailers and ATVs, while the Heavy Duty professional model is designed for fleets and other commercial vehicles. For cars and motorcycles, the sensors also come with the RSA program in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, and the signature Ride-On accuracy and dependability of our sensors are proving to be a big hit with fire departments for use with their fire trucks.

Each Ride –On TPMS sensor is very easy to install. They will self-calibrate to the pressure of the tire, and compensate for normal changes in temperature, ensuring you don’t experience false alarms. If you’re in the market for a first-rate TPMS sensor, tire sealant and balancer, or a variety of other important tire protectants, contact Ride-On today. We are certain you’ll soon come to understand the advantage that comes with truly high quality tire protectants.