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Aftermarket TPMS

Since 2007, all American-made automobiles have been mandated to include factory-installed tire protection monitoring systems. Even so, more and more consumers are turning to Ride-On Smart Caps for outstanding aftermarket TPMS (tire pressure monitoring systems) that outlast and outperform factory installed monitoring systems.

The laws mandating OEM TPMS might have initially seemed like they would eliminate the need for aftermarket TPMS. Ride-On Smart Caps customers know, however, that there are plenty of good reasons for the growing popularity of these products. As batteries on factory models have begun to burn out, replacing them with the widely acclaimed Ride-On after market TPMS is often far easier and less expensive than obtaining new factory parts. Indeed, many mechanics and their customers have been experiencing supply bottlenecks and have been forced to wait an undue amount of time. Since NHTSA regulations sometimes forbid installers from releasing cars until the new TPMS has been added, this can be an especially difficult situation for consumers who need their cars for work and household duties.

The decision to purchase an after market TPMS system, therefore, is practically a no brainer when automotive consumers are presented with the first-rate features of Ride-On Smart Caps. The system essentially replaces ordinary tire valve covers with a cap that features an LED light that quickly alerts drivers if the pressure drops below the acceptable range for your vehicle. Available for SUVs, light trucks, vans, scooters, ATVs, and motorcycles as well as automobiles, Smart Caps blink red for as long as 600 hours (roughly three weeks) to alert drivers of low tire pressure. They are also self-calibrating to match the tire pressure at the time of installation while automatically compensating for changes in ambient temperature to avoid false alarms.

The great thing for resellers is that they no longer need to stock multiple SKU numbers as with other aftermarket TPMS sensors that have preset tire pressures. Ride-On’s LED Smart Cap TPMS can calibrate an unlimited number of times to pressures from 10-70 psi for retail applications and 30-170 psi for the commercial versions. It's no wonder that Ride-On Smart Caps are becoming the main alternative to factory TPMS systems for so many automotive shops and their customers.

About Ride-On

Smart Caps aftermarket tire pressure monitoring system is the companion to the one of the most revolutionary products in the field. Ride-On Tire Sealant performs a function that, not so long ago, would have seemed close to impossible. This gel like tire sealant (tyre sealant) and tire balancer, affectionately known as the Orange Goop or Orange Sealant, actually prevents blow-outs by filling in punctures caused by road hazards as they occur. It's instant mobile tire repair!

This very real automotive lifesaver has fixed countless punctures caused by all types of road debris, from nails and screws to glass and more. Ride-On can easily fix any tear up to ¼" in diameter, but that's not its only benefit. It helps tires maintain proper inflation and run cooler, extending the life of the tire by as much as 25%. Ride-On cars handle better, enjoy superior fuel economy, and generally make for a safer and more economical ride. Get both Ride-On Tire Sealant and Ride-On Smart Caps to make your car the best and most secure ride it can be.

To find out more about Ride-On products, visit our contact page or call us toll free at 888-374-3366 between 9:00 am and 5 p.m. EST. It might turn out to be one of the most important phone calls you'll ever make.