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Depending on your application, you can use one of the following four formulations of Ride-On tire sealants:

Heavy Duty Off-Road Tire Sealant Formula (HDOTR) – is designed for off-road vehicles that require extra protection in extreme operating conditions. The HDOTR formula was designed for use by the military, landfills, quarries, construction companies, or any other mission critical vehicle that travels less than 30 mph and needs protection from puncturing objects up to ½” in diameter. Freeze protected to -40 F (-40 C).

Tire Conditioner and Sealant (TC&S) – is specially formulated industrial-grade tire sealant that protects the tires and rims of vehicles that travel at speeds less than 30 mph. The TC&S formula will provide protection from objects up to ¼” in diameter. Freeze protected to -5 F (-21C).

Tire Ballast and Sealant (TB&S) – is a concentrated non-toxic, non-hazardous, glycol-free tire sealant and ballast formulation that is designed to be diluted 3 to 1. The TB&S formulation is ideal for applications that require the added weight of a ballast liquid and also the protection of a tire sealant for puncturing objects up to ¼” in diameter. This product is designed to work in tires that are at least 1/3 filled with the TB&S. The freeze point of this product is dependent on the fluid used to dilute it. When mixed with ethylene or propylene glycol, a freeze point of -40 F (-40 C) or better can be achieved.

Tire Conditioner and Ballast (TC&B) – Is specially formulated tire ballast and cooling solution that protects the tires and rims of agricultural, industrial, mining, and construction equipment. The TC&B is a great alternative to traditional tire ballast liquids that are environmentally hazardous, corrosive and harmful to tires and wheels.). Ride-On TC&B extends tire life by lubricating tire inner-liners, helping tires run cooler, and reducing underinflation due to air loss from o-rings, vent holes, bead seats, and tire and wheel oxidation. The TC&B reduces labor costs associated with mounting and de-mounting off-road tires that tend to weld to the rim. The TC&B is NOT a tire sealant and does not offer any protection against puncturing objects. The TC&B is freeze protected to 5 F (-15 C).











Corrosion Inhibition

Best – Multi Metal

Good – Multi Metal

Good – Ferrous Metals

Good – Ferrous Metals

Freeze Protection



Depends on diluting fluid