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Another tragic fatality of a man killed while changing tire

10/28/2007 - Phoenix, AZ
Another tragic fatality of a man killed while changing tire

As reported by KTAR.com, the Valley's Home Page. "A man was struck and killed by a car early Sunday morning while changing a flat tire on interstate 17, police said."

"The victim, who was driving a blue 2003 Volvo four-door Sedan parked off the traveled lanes on the shoulder, was changing his left front tire when he was struck by a hit-and-run vehicle, described as a 1980s dark-colored passenger car, according to police."

"The individual stopped briefly at the scene, but fled southbound on Interstate 17."

Unfortunately, hundreds of people of are killed and thousands are injured every year as a result of stopping on the road to change flat tires. Flat tires are the number one cause of vehicle immobilization in the US according to the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). People should be very aware of the dangers associated from pulling over on the side of a road. When possible, a motorist should pull over only in a safe location with wide shoulders - even if it means driving for some distance at a low speed on tires that are already flat. Sure this will destroy the tire and possibly the rim, but at least you are safe. After stopping call 911 for police assistance, and a road service provider to help you with changing the tire. When possible, stand a safe distace away from your vehicle and wait for help to arrive. Unfortunatley, accidents still happen even with police vehicles on the scene. Drivers can swerve on to the shoulder because they are distracted by cell phones, the radio, passengers, or because they are impaired due to fatigue or from drugs and alcohol.

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