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At Ride-On, our Formula is an Essential Motorcycle Tire Balancer

Ride-On is an Essential Motorcycle Tire Balancer

Before heading out on the open road, you’ll want to ensure your passengers and belongings are safe and secure. With Ride-On Tire Protection System, you get precisely that. At Ride-On, we’re dedicated to creating high-quality products that employ state-of-the-art technology to deliver the security that is a necessity for any motor vehicle traveler.

At Ride-On, it should come as no surprise that one of our signature products is our TPMS sensor, a tire pressure monitoring system that is renowned for its accuracy and dependability. Each TPMS sensor is extremely easy to install, self-calibrates to the pressure of the tire and compensates for normal changes in temperature in order to avoid false alarms. In the U.S., Mexico and Canada, the sensors even come with the RSA program.

One of the biggest fears of any motorist is that a nail or piece of debris will puncture their tire while they are driving at high speeds. With Ride-On TPS, however, the tire sealant and repair formula immediately performs a mobile tire repair from the inside out. After installation, the centrifugal force of the rotating tire evenly distributes Ride-On.  When a puncture occurs, the Ride-On is already in position, and works its way into the puncture using that same centrifugal force of the rotating tire and its internal air pressure. Ride-On repairs almost any small puncture in the crown of the tire instantly keeping you safely on the road.

More than ever, motorists are discovering the importance of utilizing Ride-On as a motorcycle tire balancer. Replacing unsightly wheel weights altogether, our high speed formula hydrodynamically balances tires for the life of the tire. As your tires wear, traditional static balances using weights can't adapt. Ride-On is constantly responding to these changes in the physical properties of your tire. Your motorcycle is rebalanced every time you ride ensuring the smoothest and best balance possible.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, ride safely with Ride-On Tire Protection System – you can contact us via our website today to learn more.