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SideXSide CoverRide-On TPS is featured in SideXSide Action Magazine:

"We tend to think our UTVs are unstoppable. They can take on mud, sand, rock ledges, logs, and snow, but a flat tire will put the brakes on your UTV in a heartbeat. There are two ways to deal with a flat tire: fix it or never get the flat in the first place. Here's an ounce of prevention that's worth several pounds of cure, Ride-On TPS (Tire Protection System) tire sealant from Inovex Industries.

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"I've raced 3 Baja 500's, pre ran hundreds of miles down there and I've used Ride On every time. I've never had a flat!! Good stuff!!

James Patrick Williams

Tire Beads Can't Say That
You know that your MTA REP is big in testing out products so you get first hand experience with new products. Well after testing the RIDE-ON ATV and Motorcycle formula TIRE BALANCERS AND SEALANTS, I AM IMPRESSED!!! Better balancing, longer lasting tires, and SAFER RIDING WITH PUNCTURE PROTECTION. Both my road race Can-Am ATV and my Honda VFR 800 street bike have the product in the tires and they are all balanced smooth as well as protected from any puncture. (TIRE BEADS CAN'T SAY THAT)

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