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DPM International Furthers Ride-On's Worldwide Presence

DPM International's distribution deal with the popular tire sealant expands tire protection in Europe

The roads of America have seen an increase in Ride-On use, and consequently a decrease in flat tire repair as the tire sealant and balancer has become more prevalent over the years. To date, the primary focus of ride-on distribution has been North American dealers. However, Inovex has now used its growing profile in the U.S. to expand its business overseas, and partnering with DPM International is a big step toward global proliferation of Ride-On's line of products.

DPM is a distributor of a huge number of brands, totaling 65,000 different products. They pride themselves on simply meeting the demands of customers in the markets they serve, following the mantra "We have the parts." The upshot is that they don't carry the inessential, and they don't push brands or products that don't interest their vendors (and in turn, the individual shopper); Instead they simply carry what is in demand. It would seem that with DPM International, Ride-On's day for international distribution has arrived.

To convince some drivers to switch from standard tire maintenance to the Ride-On system was at first an uphill battle. Some forms of tire sealant from other manufacturers have existed for decades, with uneven success. A knee-jerk response that "tire sealants suck," was sometimes the first and only response potential customers gave, and they simply relied on standard puncture repair. Other tire sealants were a messy viscous fluid that inconvenienced tire mechanics by spilling all over their shops (and on the mechanics themselves). Ride-On, however, is a gel applied inside the tire, and new users found that when the tire was opened, the gel held together, which reduced clean-up almost completely. What made Ride-On gain widespread acceptance in short order, however, was the revelation that for a low price, what was ostensibly only a tire sealant was also a tire balancer. Unlike an inferior tire sealant which throws a tire out of balance, Ride-On sidesteps this issue altogether, and hydrodynamically balances the tire, ending the necessity for lead weights altogether in many cases.

As Ride-On penetrates the international powersports market further, European drivers will apply Ride-On to their vehicles, and naturally report feedback. Ride-On can expect to find new applications with commercial and fleet users, making this a very exciting time for Ride-On's top brass. According to CEO Mark Farkhan of parent company Inovex Industries, Inc., "We expect significant growth in the next six months to a year as we can now turn our focus to the end users."

Go to www.ride-on.com. For more information, or to have your questions answered, call 1(888)347-3366 to talk to the manufacturer directly.

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