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For Automotive Safety and Performance: Ride-On TPMS

People depend on us for our outstanding tire sealant (tyre sealant) which can prevent blow-outs and extend tire life. These are crucial products because blow-outs are huge hazards both to vehicles and their all too vulnerable occupants…while also significantly extending the life of your not so inexpensive tires! Whether you drive a motorcycle, ATV (all-terrain vehicle), large or small truck, not to mention a standard automobile of any time, Ride-On Tire Sealant is a truly must-have product.

But that’s only one part of the story! Ride-On is a company devoted to maximizing the safety and performance of tires in more ways than one. In addition to our world famous orange sealant, we also offer the LED Smart Cap Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS). As the name implies, it monitors your tire pressure and alerts you to problems. Specifically, if air pressure drops below the correct setpoint (4 psi for autos and motorcycles or 6 psi for commercial vehicles), a blinking red light alerts drivers for up to 600 hours (over three weeks) that batteries are running low. In addition, Ride-On also offers a free roadside assistance membership to customers who purchase either our orange tire sealant (tyre sealant) or Smart Cap TPMS. After customers register online, they are entitled to towing (up to 15 miles), 24-hour battery jumpstarts, tire changes, and emergency fuel and fluid deliveries and more.

If you are concerned with extending both the life of your tires as well as your own, Ride-On products and services are crucial. Our products have saved lives and who knows how much money. Can you afford not to use them?