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Hour Coverage with Roadside Assistance Maintenance

Ride-on is known for our popular orange tyre sealant which is proven to help prevent potentially dangerous tire blowouts for drivers on the road. This preventative sealant coats tires in a specially designed formula which that regulates temperatures, guards against punctures, and prevent rapid deflations. It also extends the life of your tires by up to 25%, allowing you to save yourself money in the long term even after your tire warranty expires. Though the convenience and effectiveness of our sealant makes it a popular choice for drivers wishing to gain extra assurance and safety, it’s not the only product we stand behind, and is one of items the items that we proudly provide.

Our tire roadside assistance program is a great option for any customer interested in purchasing our products. Our team is dedicated to your safety, and wants to make you feel confident on the road. Our program give you access to trip interruption protection, online travel/rental car discounts/ and 24-hour emergency tire changes to name a few features. We also offer free 24-hour emergency fuel, fluid delivery, and battery jumpstarts for up to one year for any non-commercial vehicle on public roads. Signing up for the program is as simple as purchasing one of our qualifying packages and using our quick online registration tool. It’s important to prepare for the unexpected on the road. Through our programs and our products, you’ll be able to travel with confidence that you’re in good hands, and will be able to overcome any roadside obstacle without hassle.