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Installing Ride-On's LED Smart Caps is Quick and Easy

Ride-On's line of LED Smart Caps is an affordable, easy to install tire pressure monitoring system that will help save you money. After all, properly inflated tires better your fuel economy and extend the life of your tire. Most importantly, correctly inflated tires are safer, reducing the risk of blowouts and flats.

Connecting the Ride-On TPMS is incredibly simple:

· Fill your tires to the ideal pressure. Ride-ON's LED Smart Caps automatically calibrate to your tire's pressure (from 10 to 70 psi), so don't fret about varying the pressure between your tires.

· Using the anti-theft key that comes with your LED Smart Caps, screw your cap onto your valve stem until the indicator lights up. Remove your key.

Once the LED Smart Caps are properly installed, they are good to go. Remove the key and put it somewhere safe; it has a hole for a key-ring so you can be sure to have it when you need it. The tire pressure monitor will blink red if your pressure drops 4 psi. The battery will power about 800 hours of blinking, continuing to alert you until you resolve the problem. The LED Smart Caps will also warn you when its battery power is running low by turning yellow. In this case, it can sustain battery life for 150 hours. In these circumstances, once you've replaced the battery or fixed your tire's pressure, just simply repeat the easy installation process and get back on the road.

LED Smart Caps are available in 2 and 4 packs, as well as in bulk for interested dealers. Call Ride-On at 888-374-3366 for more information.