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Keep Your Tire Pressure Optimal

Everyone who knows anything at all about cars and motorcycles knows the importance of keeping tire pressure at the optimal level – hence the importance of a good tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The LED Smart Cap Tire Pressure Monitor from Ride-On is the perfect way for drivers of cars, light trucks, motorcycles, vans, ATVs, and other vehicles to keep track of the amount of air in their tires.

The fact of the matter is that you don’t need to be an obsessive gearhead to benefit from using an outstanding TPMS sensor like Ride-On Smart Caps. Tire pressure is crucial both in terms of safety and gasoline mileage, as well as for extending the life of your tires. According to some estimates, low tire pressure can reduce the life of a tire by as much as 35 percent. Moreover, poor tire pressure can increase the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by your vehicle, so people concerned about the environment should also take quick advantage of the Ride-On Smart Cap system.

Ride-On Smart Caps are convenient replacements for traditional tire valve caps that feature a specially designed LED light. If air pressure drops by 4 pounds per square inch or more, the light starts to flash and will continue to flash for over a month, until the driver notices the situation and adds air to the tire.

Ride-On is a company devoted to safety and getting the most from tires. Ride-On’s signature product is its widely used tire sealant and balancer. It coats the inner lining of tires with fibers six times stronger than steel, preventing dangerous blow-outs and flats. Take advantage of Ride-On’s widely acclaimed products by contacting Ride-On online or calling us toll free at 888-3-Ride-On.