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Ride-On LED Smart Cap Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Valve Cap Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Q. Can the Ride-On Smart Cap TPMS valve cap be installed on rubber valve stems?

A. We highly recommend that the LED Smart Caps be installed on metal valve stems. Metal valve stems are recommended because rubber valve stems can flex more, become brittle, or fatigue and crack over time. If you chose to use a rubber valve stem instead of a metal valve stem, you bear any and all responsibility should your rubber valve stem crack or fail. We as the manufacturer bear no responsibility. After installation, rotate the tire to make sure that the LED Smart Cap TPMS does not come in contact with any brake or suspension components (flex valve stem side to side and allow a minimum of ¼" clearance). The valve stem and LED Smart Cap should NOT protrude beyond the tire where they may come in contact with curbs or other objects.

Q. Is the Ride-On LED Smart Cap Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) water resistant?

A. The Smart Cap LED TPMS is fully water resistant to 435 psi and 984 feet (30 bar/300 meters). The locking collar and housing are stainless steel and are designed for use in Salt Water applications.

Q. How tight should I screw them on?

A. You should take caution to not over-tighten the LED Smart Cap TPMS using the anti-theft tool (finger tight only). We recommend applying a small amount of anti-seize compound to the threads of aluminum valve stems.

Q. How does the anti-theft key work?

A. The anti-theft key is a “spanner wrench” that is designed to lock the anti-theft collar and prevent it from spinning. To use it align the two notches in the sleeve with the two indentations in the body of the LED Smart Cap TPMS and insert the key. Rotate clockwise to tighten. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN (finger tight only)!

Q. I have long valve stems and the LED Smart Cap TPMS will extend beyond the tire’s sidewalls. Is this a problem?

A. We recommend that you use shorter valve stems (preferably metal) to eliminate the possibility of the Smart Cap TPMS in coming in contact with curbs, car wash guidance rails, or other possible items that may snag it.

Q. Can I use the LED Smart Cap TPMS with a motorcycle?

A. The LED Smart Cap TPMS is designed for use with motorcycles, however, we recommend that you check the clearance between the LED Smart Cap TPMS and any obstructions such as brake hoses, calipers, brackets, clips, etc. Slowly rotate your tire and check for clearance (please allow a minimum of ¼" clearance).

Q. Can I use the motorcycle LED Smart Cap TPMS on my car?

A. The motorcycle LED Smart Cap TPMS valve cap can be used on automobiles. However, please note that the free one year roadside assistance membership provided in the motorcycle retail blister packaging (available in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico) will not cover autos/SUVs, it is motorcycle specific.

Q. Can I use the Auto/SUV LED Smart Cap TPMS on my motorcycle?

A. The Auto/SUV LED Smart Cap can be used on motorcycles. However, please note that the free one year roadside assistance membership provided in the AUTO/SUV retail blister packaging (available in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico) will not cover motorcycles, it is automobile specific.

Q. Both the AUTO/SUV and the Motorcycle Smart TPMS offer roadside assistance, why can’t the roadside assistance membership be transferred between them?

A. The roadside assistance membership offered for AUTO/SUV’s is specifically for AUTO/SUV’s needs, the motorcycle roadside assistance is specifically for motorycles, fuel, battery assistance and towing requirements are significantly different between them. If you want your Auto/SUV covered, buy the Auto/SUV product, if you want your motorcycle covered, buy the motorcycle product.

Q. How long will the battery Last?

A. The shelf life of the battery is 3 years. The LED light will flash red for up to 750 hours (more than a month) to indicate low pressure. The LED valve cap will flash yellow for up to 100 hours to alert you that the batteries are running low.

Q. Can the batteries be replaced?

A. The batteries on the LED Smart Caps can be changed by taking them to an authorized service center. They can also be sent to Inovex for servicing. The typical cost per LED Smart Cap for battery change is $7.95 per unit plus return S&H.

Q. Will the LED Smart Cap TPMS alert me while the vehicle is in motion that a tire is low on air?

A. The LED Smart Cap TPMS is designed to identify tires that are low on air by providing a clear visual indication of low tire pressure. The BEST way to see that indication is by walking around your vehicle and LOOKING AT the LED Smart Cap TPMS installed on each tire prior to operating the vehicle. It not designed provide any visual indication inside a vehicle via dashboard illumination warning or other internal indicators.

Q. Is the LED Smart Cap TPMS suitable for use in hot/cold temperatures?

A. The LED Smart Cap TPMS is designed for operation in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 212+ °F (-40°C and 100+°C). Please note that battery efficiency will be affected by operating in temperatures outside -4°F and 167°F (-20°C and 75 °C).

Q. What is the Testing Tool that is provided with my LED Smart Cap TPMS?

A. It allows you to check to see if the LED Smart Cap TPMS light will come on in case the tire pressure drops.

  1. You test the LED Smart Cap TPSM by first screwing the tester cap onto your valve stem. Make sure that the when you depress the head of the testing tool, a small amount of air is released.
  2. Screw on the LED Smart Cap TPMS on the tester tool.
  3. Unscrew the LED Smart Cap TPMS tester tool from valve stem (with the TPMS Smart Cap attached to it) so that it no longer registers the tire pressure through the tester tool. The red LED light should come on.

Q. Can I remove the LED Smart Cap TPMS without the anti-theft tool?

A. In an emergency you can remove the LED Smart Cap TPMS by crushing the locking sleeve, if you do not have your key handy. Additional keys can be ordered in case you have lost yours.

Q. How much pressure does my tire need to lose before the warning LED light comes on?

A. For retail (Auto/SUV and Motorcycle blister packs) LED Smart Cap TPMS systems, the warning light will illuminate once the pressure drops by 4 psi (+/- 0.4 psi). On the commercial units, depending on the model you have the LED light will illuminate at either 4 psi (+/- 0.4 psi or 8 psi (+/- 0.8 psi) pressure drop.

Q. My car came with built-in TPMS sensors that are no longer working. Can I still use the LED Smart Cap TPMS?

A. Most OEM TPMS sensors have a 5-7 year battery life. When the batteries on these sensors are depleted, the TPMS failure light will come on. The batteries on most OEM sensors are not replaceable so the entire unit needs to be changed. The cost per TPMS sensor can run from as little as $150 to $250. You can use the LED Smart Cap TPMS sensor as an inexpensive alternative to replacing your sensors to visually alert you if your tires are low on air as you approach your vehicle. The Smart Cap TPMS will even work with your existing system in place. However, please note that the Smart Cap TPMS will not have any indicators inside you vehicle to alert you of low pressure.

Q. What is the warranty on the LED Smart Cap TPMS?

A. The LED Smart Caps tire pressure monitoring system valve caps are warranted for 2 years following the date of purchase to be free from manufacturing defects. Manufacturer’s liability is limited to product replacement or cash refund at its sole discretion. Inovex Industries expressly disclaim all other warranties and/or conditions, whether express or implied, including (but not limited to) the implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, satisfactory quality, and fitness for a particular purpose. Inovex Industries shall not under any circumstance be liable for towing expenses, tire repair or replacement expenses, or for any claims or damages (including any special, incidental, or consequential damages, or any damage to tires wheels, vehicles, drivers, passengers, or any other entities or property) arising from operating a vehicle with under-inflated or flat tires, failing to inspect or maintain tire properly, or failing to follow instructions for the proper handling of punctures and other damage to tires.

Q. Since I have the LED Smart Cap TPMS, do I still need to check my air pressure?

A. The LED Smart Cap TPMS does not relieve the user from the responsibility of checking their tire’s pressure and condition. It is recommended that the tire condition and vehicle tire pressure be checked per vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Q. How do you maintain quality control of the LED Smart Cap TPMS?

A. The LED Smart Cap TPMS is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified factory.

Q. I noticed that the Free Auto/SUV roadside assistance (RSA) membership offered in the retail 4-pack blister package does not offer towing like the motorcycle RSA offered in the 2-pack blister packaging. Why is that?

A. The automobile coverage provides for assistance in replacing your flat tire with a spare tire provided by the customer. Since motorcycles do not have spare tires, flat bed towing is included with their RSA. The automobile membership offers lockout/locksmith assistance that is not offered with the motorcycle RSA membership. Please note that the Free RSA membership for the Motorcycle and Auto/SUV are different programs and are not interchangeable. If an automobile does not have a spare tire, towing may be provided at an additional cost.

Q. I need Roadside assistance, can I call Inovex?

A. The various roadside assistance programs offered by Inovex are administered by national call centers that are specialized in providing roadside assistance. You need to call the telephone number provided at the time you registered your roadside assistance membership to obtain any service. In order to receive service, you need to have registered your membership in the time allowed and be requesting service covered by your specific program. For 24-hour roadside assistance call 1-800-745-5791 (you will need to verify your registration of your membership to obtain any service). Please allow up to 72 hours after registration for your membership to be activated (if you have not registered, coverage will be denied even if you have the membership card). You will responsible for all charges not specifically covered by your roadside assistance membership. For tire replacement benefit claims provided through registered Tire Coverage Plus 24 TCP/24 program, please call 1-888-684-9327 during the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (excluding Federal Holidays).