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LED Smart Cap TPMS for Commercial/Fleet

LED Smart Cap TPMS for Commercial/Fleet

The road is strewn with hazards that can cause punctures that lead to big problems and costly repairs. Even before your tire goes flat, slow leaks and low air pressure cause reduced fuel economy, increased tire wear, poor handling, and greater risk of a blow-out. To make matters worse, most of your drivers just don’t check air pressure.

LED Smart Cap TPMS for Commercial/Fleet

LED Smart Cap TPMS for Commercial/FleetStatistics and the Economics of Proper Tire Inflation!

(Data according to a study funded by the US Congress and authorized by the USDOT)

  • Approximately 7% of all commercial motor vehicle tires are underinflated by 20 psi or more.
  • Only 44% of all tires are within +/- 5% psi of their target pressure.
  • Tire related costs are the single largest maintenance cost item for commercial vehicle fleet operators. Nationwide, they account for about 1.9 cents per mile ($2,375 for a 125,000 annual mileage operation).
  • For the average fleet operator in the USA, improper tire inflation increases the annual procurement costs for both new and retreaded tires by 10 to 13%.
  • Improper inflation is responsible for about 1 roadcall per year per tractor-trailer.
  • Fuel economy loss due to improper tire inflation is bout 0.6% for typical TL and LTL operations.
  • The industry average time to inspect a typical 18-wheel tractor-trailer’s tires and add air to 2 or 3 of the tires is 30 minutes. If operators check tires twice a month, the total annual labor would be approximately 12 hours. At $25/hour, the cost would total $300 annually. The cost associated with this routine tire pressure maintenance combined with the increased costs of poor inflation account for about $1000 per year per 18-wheel tractor-trailer.

Make Tire Inspections Effortless

LED Smart Cap TPMS for Commercial FleetRide-On LED Smart Cap Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an intelligent valve cap that automatically calibrates to your tire’s pressure. All you do is set your tire to the desired inflation pressure and install the LED Smart Cap. This intelligent TPMS automatically calibrates to any tire pressure from 15 psi to 189 psi (1 Bar to 13 Bar). If a tire pressure drops by more than 6 psi, it will alert you with a bright blinking red LED light that is visible day or night.

We call it a Smart Cap because it’s intelligent enough to warn you by flashing yellow when its batteries are low and need to be replaced and can compensate for ambient temperature changes and its effects on your tire pressure. It even comes with an integrated anti-theft device. LED Smart Cap TPMS for Commercial Fleet

Once your fleet is equipped with the LED Smart Cap TPMS system, all your drivers need to do is walk around their vehicle and instantly know if a tire is low on pressure. No more fumbling around with tire gauges, tire bats, or worse complete neglect because checking tire pressures is too time consuming and difficult. This means that your fleet’s tires can be properly inflated and you can be sure that your drivers are not telling you a lot of “hot air” when they say they checked their tires.

The Ride-On LED Smart Cap TPMS is also a great way for your Fire Department and Emergency Vehicle (Ambulances) to comply with the NFPA 1901: Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, and NFPA 1917 for ambulances. Basically these standards require that each tire on the apparatus must be equipped with a visual indicator or monitoring system that indicates tire pressure.

LED Smart Cap TPMS for Commercial/Fleet

Knowing is Half the Battle!

LED Smart Cap TPMS™ is a revolutionary valve cap that automatically calibrates itself to your tire’s pressure. Once installed, the Smart Cap will alert you visually via a bright blinking red LED light that your tire is low on air and needs attention. Your drivers and mechanics can now spend their valuable time working on only the tires LED Smart Cap TPMS for Commercial/Fleetthat need them. Knowing which tires need attention will free up your employees. The LED Smart Cap TPMS is available in an industrial strength commercial version that is suitable for tires with pressures ranging from 15 psi to 189 psi (1 - 13 bar).

SCHPV3-L - Flashes red when pressure drops by 6 psi below the calibrated setpoint.

LED Smart Cap TPMS Features

  • Easy to Install - Simply screw the LED Smart Cap onto valve stem to activate it.
  • Self Calibrating - Automatically calibrates to your tire’s setpoint pressure when the cap is installed. The same cap can be recalibrated multiple times for different pressures
  • One Cap for Multiple Pressures - The LED Smart Cap TPMS commercial heavy duty version is suitable for pressures from 15 psi to 189 psi (1.0 to 13.0 Bar).
  • Compensates for Temperature - Pressure fluctuations due temperature changes are compensated for to avoid false alarms.
  • Supplied with integrated anti-theft device - The LED Smart Cap can not be removed without a key or special tool. Prevents random theft when vehicle is unattended.
  • Long lasting low pressure alert - Flashing red light indicates low pressure for 600 hours (more than three weeks). The heavy duty commercial version (SCHPV3) is available with a 6 psi pressure loss trigger point.
  • Low battery alert - The LED light will flash yellow for up to 100 hours to alert you that the batteries are running low.
  • Up to a 5 year lasting Lithium battery life - - Single Li battery is easy to change by owner.
  • Bright, light and durable - The LED warning light is visible day or night. The unit’s industrial strength housing is nickel plated brass with a stainless steel anti-theft sleeve but weighs in at only 0.4 oz. (12.2 grams).
  • LED Smart Cap TPMS for Commercial/Fleet

    Saves time at pre/post trip tire pressure inspections.
  • Improves fuel economy - Underinflated tires have higher rolling resistance which can result in a loss of fuel economy of 1 to 3%. Ride-On helps improve fuel efficiency, thereby reducing your vehicle’s carbon footprint.
  • Increases tire life and decreases downtime - Proper tire inflation pressure helps extend tire life, improve handling, braking, cornering, and reduce the chance of flat tires and blowouts.
  • Compatible with Ride-On Tire Protection System Tire Balancers and Sealants - Great compliment to your Ride-On TPS filled tire. Now you can be alerted of a slow leak or pressure loss after a tire is punctured and sealed. Tires that are properly inflated run cooler, last longer and help improve your fleet’s fuel efficiency. Less flexing means cooler tires and enhanced casing life.

This all helps reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint while reducing your O&M Expenses!


CAUTION: We highly recommend that the LED Smart Caps be installed on metal valve stems. Metal valve stems are recommended because rubber valve stems can flex more, become brittle, or fatigue and crack over time. If you chose to use a rubber valve stem instead of a metal valve stem, you bear any and all responsibility should your rubber valve stem crack or fail. We as the manufacturer bear no responsibility. After installation, rotate the tire to make sure that the LED Smart Cap TPMS does not come in contact with any brake or suspension components (flex valve stem side to side and allow a minimum of ¼" clearance). The valve stem and LED Smart Cap should NOT protrude beyond the tire where they may come in contact with curbs or other objects.