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LED Smart Caps Keep Fire and Ambulance Vehicles Primed

So much goes into keeping emergency response vehicles prepared for the next incident that the seemingly simple task of tire inspections can be easily forgotten. Ride-On LED Smart Caps for Fire and Ambulances apply leading edge technology to ensure tires are always properly inflated for optimum safety and fuel economy. Dangerous situations command the timely arrival of emergency response crews, and the last thing you want causing delays is blow-outs related to poor tire inflation levels.

Underinflated tires impact their life expectancy and, if left unattended for too long, under-inflation can result in tire failure. Ride-On provides an automated solution right on top of the stem cap. The LED Smart Cap Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) valve cap automatically alerts personnel if pressure in the tire drops below a set point. The easy-to-install Smart Caps produce a bright blinking LED light, visible in daylight or night darkness, avoiding the need for the hands-on process of checking tire pressure manually.

Fire and ambulance crews must be assured that they can arrive at an emergency in the fastest time possible. This requires emergency personnel to constantly check their vehicles from top to bottom, including ensuring that tires are sufficiently inflated. The Ride-On Smart Caps automatically calibrate to the tire pressure established when the cap was installed; and mechanically compensates for ambient temperature changes to avoid false alarms. They are long-lasting, with a five-year battery shelf life, and come with integrated anti-theft protection.

To further ensure that emergency vehicles are always at the ready, the famous orange goo Tyre Sealant
by Ride-On applies a high-level system to prevent flats and avoid tire repairs. Together with the LED Smart Caps, the Ride-On products protect the integrity of tires while at the same time extending the life of tires and improving fuel economy.