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Mobile Tire Repair

Ride-On's tire sealant has been used all over the world in a wide-range of vehicles, from trucks and waste haulers to ATVs and motorcycles. Blog posts, Youtube videos, and online reviews have unanimously heaped praise on Ride-On's Tire Protection System (TPS). Through using Ride-On TPS, these motorists have all seen the tire sealant's amazing on-the-spot puncture repair.

When riding along in a vehicle with Ride-On TSP installed and the tire is punctured by a nail or anything else strewn about on the road, the formula immediately performs mobile tire repair from the inside out. The formula is evenly distributed throughout the tire due to its normal centrifugal force and then responds to punctures by using the internal air pressure of the tire, filling any holes as soon as they happen. Some videos on Youtube have even shown the power of Ride-On TPS by performing flat tire repair on already decimated tires and then driving off in the just fixed vehicle. This mobile tire repair should even last for the whole life of the tire.

Similarly, Ride-On TPS does more than mobile tire repair; it extends the life of a tire. The unique compound helps prevent porous air loss that slowly degrades the tire. In the case of motorcycles especially, Ride-On's tire sealant also is an incredibly effective tire balancer (much lighter than weights, though can be used together with them, if preferred), further extending the tire's durability. We stand so firmly behind Ride-On's tire-saving abilities that we provide automobile and motorcycle roadside assistance packaged with our products.

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