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Motorcycle & Auto/SUV Sealant RSA

Automobile & Motorcycle Roadside Assistance

Automobile & Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Membership

Inovex Industries, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with the most advanced line of tire protection system tire sealants, tire balancers, and tire related products. Your safety and peace-of-mind are our first priority. Your Ride-On Tire Balancer & Sealant purchase may entitle you to a FREE one year membership in our exclusive Roadside Assistance Program (available in USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico). Our customer representatives respond quickly to provide you the best service and protection available anywhere.

The Ride-On Tire Sealant and Balancer Roadside Assistance membership is a FREE service that is included (available in USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico) with your purchase of our Premium Motorcycle Bottle Kits (for motorcycles, trikes, scooters, and mopeds) or Premium Automobile Bottle Kits (ideal for autos, SUVs, Light Trucks, RVs, toy haulers, and trailers). (please see contract for the specific terms and conditions of coverage – Roadside assistance available to non-commercial use vehicles on public roads only). Your membership includes:

Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Coverage:

Large Mot Bottles

towing15 Miles of Towing per occurrence

fule24-Hour Emergency Fuel/Fluid Delivery

battery24-Hour Battery Jumpstarts


tripMaximum 5 Services Per Contract Period, 1 tow in a 72 hour period – Benefits available 3 Business Days (Monday thru Friday, excluding Federal Holidays) following online Registration.




Automobile Roadside Assistance Coverage:

Auto Tire Repair

repair24-Hour Emergency Tire Changes

fule24-Hour Emergency Fuel/Fluid Delivery

towing 24-Hour Lockout/Locksmith Services

battery24-Hour Battery Jumpstarts

tripMaximum 5 Services Per Contract Period - Benefits available 3 Business Days (Monday thru Friday, excluding Federal Holidays) following online Registration.

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tcp-hi-res If you are looking to register for the TCP/24 membership, Click Here

*Complete details are provided upon customer registration as benefits may vary. Benefits cover qualifying Motorcycles/Automobiles (roadside programs are not interchangeable). After registering, print out Terms & Conditions sheet, which will include: 24-Hour Emergency Toll-Free, Claims and Customer Service phone numbers, as well as your expiration date. (Benefits available 3 Business Days (Monday thru Friday, excluding Federal Holidays) following online Registration.

Tire Sealant Roadside Assistance

The Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS) from Inovex Industries, Inc. works to protect a tire throughout its lifetime (i.e., the legal life of a tire or 5 years). Because Ride-On has such confidence in its tire balancer and sealant, FREE tire sealant roadside assistance is included with certain purchases. The Roadside Assistance Program is a free service for customers who buy certain premium kits, our motorcycle bottle kits (for motorcycles, scooters mopeds, etc.), or automobile bottle kits (for autos, light trucks, SUVs, RVs, trailers, and more).

Injected through the valve stem, Ride-On TPS works by coating the inside of the tire with a gel-like substance that contains fibers six times stronger than steel. When the tire is pierced, the centrifugal force of the rotating tire, in combination with the internal air pressure of the tire, forces the sealant through the hole, instantly sealing it. Ride-On can seal punctures in the crown of the tire up to one fourth of an inch in diameter for the life of the tire. This is why Ride-On can afford to provide tire sealant roadside assistance; you’ll probably never need it!

The tire sealant helps your vehicle in other ways. Because it reduces porosity air loss by up to 500%, your tires remain properly inflated. This increases your fuel efficiency and extends tire life by up to 25% because properly-inflated tires do not flex as much and therefore encounter less friction. Plus, Ride-On TPS is not only a sealant, but also a proven tire balancer. Because tires last longer and your MPG is increased, you’re helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Furthermore, Ride-On is non-hazardous, 100% biodegradable, and recyclable.

Similar to Ride-On's LED smart cap roadside assistance program, this package covers an entire year on any public road. (Your exact terms and conditions are provided after a quick, online registration and can be printed directly from your computer.)
The package includes 24-hour emergency roadside assistance in the form of tows, tire changes, fuel-fluid delivery, battery jumpstarts, and lockout services. Other incentives include travel and rental car discounts, free travel aids, and extra coverage for trip interruption, theft, and hit and run damages. Tire sealant roadside assistance also comes with 24-hour toll-free claims and customer service.