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Motorcycle Tire Balancer

Increasingly, motorcycle and scooter riders worldwide are finding out how useful Ride-On tire sealant can be. In addition to making conventional flat tire repair a thing of the past, Ride-On is a fully functioning tire balancer.

More than a mere motorcycle tire balancer, Ride-On is a compound that evenly coats the inner surface of your motorcycle’s tires. Your tires will be instantly transformed into self-sealing tires while you ride. If a puncture occurs, instead of going flat, Ride-On will be pulled by the centrifugal force, and the inners air pressure toward the hole, and prevent air from escaping. This protection extends to punctures of up to 1/8” in width for tubed tires, and up to 1/4” in tires without tubes. However, Ride-On is more than a mere sealant.

As a motorcycle tire balancer, ride on replaces unsightly wheel weights altogether. Hydrodynamically sealing your tires is preferable to static weights, since the gel will shift in response to the changing physical properties of your tire over time. Wheel balancing gives you longer lasting ties, and improves your gas mileage, both of which are eco-friendly enhancements.

Letting Ride-On serve as your primary tire balancer has other benefits as well. It shields most alloys in the rim of your tire from oxidation and corrosion, and Ride-On gel is biodegradable.

To learn about other Ride-On products like Ride-On’s LED Smart Cap, and free tire roadside assistance with certain quantities, contact Ride-On right now.