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Testimonials for 'Motorcycles'

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What People Are Saying About Us

Below are a few samples of what our motorcycle product customers are saying about Ride-On. The actions, opinions and comments reflected herein are not those of Inovex Industries, Inc. (“Inovex”) nor that of Inovex’s owners, employees, contractors or agents. Inovex vigorously supports the observance of laws and regulations regarding speed and safety. A tire that has been punctured must be inspected as soon as possible by a tire professional, to determine if it is repairable or if it needs replacement. Ride on, and ride safely!

I was surprised when my 2011 Victory Vegas Jackpot needed a new set of Dunlop Elite tires at 7,900 miles. I ride solo and easy, mostly cruising on the highway at 60 mph. When I took it in to my local Victory dealer for new tires, I asked the service manager about an alternative to balancing with wheel weights. He recommended Ride-On because it not only seals punctures but balances the tires as you ride and he uses it on his personal motorcycles.

I went ahead with his recommendation and could not be more pleased with the results! When I picked the bike up and rode it home, something was very different. Even though the big 106 c.i. V-twin Victory engine has internal balancers...suddenly it was noticeably smoother as I rode...I was amazed and grinning from ear to ear! The next morning, I went for a ride expecting the sealant to settle overnight and I'd feel the vibrations until the tires warmed up. However, again I was amazed...it was as smooth and "clean" feeling as when I rode it home from the dealership the day before. Amazing!

I now have 12,000 miles on the second set of tires and they're not close to the wear bars yet suggesting I may get twice the mileage using Ride-On that I did with the first set of identical tires using the unsightly wheel weights.

Also, it gives me great piece of mind to know that should I get a puncture, I can follow the Ride-On instructions and get to either a repair shop or home rather than waiting for a tow truck.

Ride-On is a great product and I recommend it to everyone I can...this coming from a guy who has owned 17 motorcycles since 1967 and has ridden over 200,000 miles on them including cross country trips coast to coast.

Mission Viejo, CA

Dana Franklin Welch

" I had ridden with your product for a few sets of tires, but the last set I had them installed somewhere else and forgot to add it myself. A few thousand miles into the new tires I hit a small nail that I removed and plugged myself. The leak (at least 3lbs/day) did not stop with the plug. i decided to try ride-on again before replacing the tire, and I couldn't be more pleased. Nearly 1k miles later and I haven't lost a single pound of air! Great stuff."

Robert Wahl

 Riverside, CA ,  09-04-2013


Dear Ride-On

Other than a biker having had a blow out, we had no problems, thanks to Ride-On Tire Sealant donating your products to the 2013's 12th Annual Florida/Alaska run to benefit deaf babies. I love the peace of mind with your product . . .  after over 8,000 miles, I checked my tire pressure and all three tires ( I have a sidecar) were still the same!

Mike Tuccelli (AKA "DrSign")

"Ride On is a great product! I've never had a flat while using it and the ride at 185mph on my Hayabusa is as smooth as a peeled egg with the tires balanced using Ride On!"


"I've raced 3 Baja 500's, pre ran hundreds of miles down there and I've used Ride On every time. I've never had a flat!! Good stuff!!

James Patrick Williams

ride on sealant
I would like to thank you for creating such a great product. Havent yet had to check out how sealant works (thank god) but bike rides great and mileage is awesome.THANK YOU again

I was taking a real gamble leaving the already installed Centramatic Goldwing Wheel Balancers on the front wheel and adding Ride-On to the tire when it was replaced. But my concerns were unfounded and your product works quite well in a tire that has Centramatic Goldwing Wheel Balancers already installed. I was really concerned that together the two would be counter-productive and work against each other. I didn't want to remove the already bolted on Centramatics BUT certainly did want the added safety and sealing benefits given by Ride-On. After 500+ miles this weekend everything works well and is actually a LITTLE smoother ride than just having the Centramatics alone. In closing I just want you and your people to know that Ride-On will work perfectly well with either wheel weights or items like the Centramatic balancers. Good product this Ride-On.

Chuck Zoch

Motorcycle safety product: Review of Ride-On's Tire Protection System
Following some minor damage to the front wheel of my KTM, I’d been having some issues getting it to balance properly. Just as claimed by Ride-On®, their product balanced it again perfectly! I’ve confirmed that balancing claim as being very accurate. After taking the wheel weights off my front rim and using Ride-On, the bike immediately rode as if it were brand new again. Quite a relief to not have to buy a new front rim to fix this issue I’d been having (a major cost avoided!). Easy to install and potentially bringing you multiple benefits, this product might be falling under that “must have” category.

Tire Beads Can't Say That
You know that your MTA REP is big in testing out products so you get first hand experience with new products. Well after testing the RIDE-ON ATV and Motorcycle formula TIRE BALANCERS AND SEALANTS, I AM IMPRESSED!!! Better balancing, longer lasting tires, and SAFER RIDING WITH PUNCTURE PROTECTION. Both my road race Can-Am ATV and my Honda VFR 800 street bike have the product in the tires and they are all balanced smooth as well as protected from any puncture. (TIRE BEADS CAN'T SAY THAT)

EagleRider Moves from Traditional Wheel Weight Balancing in Favor of Ride-On TPS High-Speed Balancer and Sealant

At first I was skeptical about the product, however, it saves money and time, and keeps our riders upright and on the road. We go through tires like they’re water, so we are always on the look-out for products that maximize our tires’ efficiency. A quality, well maintained motorcycle is the most important thing EagleRider provides its customers.  In 2010, EagleRider customers rode almost 28 million miles on their bikes.  Incorporating the Ride-On TPS Motorcycle Formula high-speed tire balancer and sealant helps EagleRider mechanics become more efficient when working on bikes while also providing the customer with a better performing motorcycle. The sealant improves the bike’s fuel efficiency, extends tire life, mutes road vibrations, and seals punctures in the tire’s crown area.

Steve Sergi, Director National Corporate Service - EagleRider -02-06-11

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