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Testimonials for 'Motorcycles'

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What People Are Saying About Us

Below are a few samples of what our motorcycle product customers are saying about Ride-On. The actions, opinions and comments reflected herein are not those of Inovex Industries, Inc. (“Inovex”) nor that of Inovex’s owners, employees, contractors or agents. Inovex vigorously supports the observance of laws and regulations regarding speed and safety. A tire that has been punctured must be inspected as soon as possible by a tire professional, to determine if it is repairable or if it needs replacement. Ride on, and ride safely!
Kawasaki"On 6-12-04 (my birthday) our club was taking a ride from East Texas to Arkansas. I was cleaning my bike the Friday night before and found a #8 finish nail in the rear tire. I was very disgusted because I had been looking forward to this trip for a while. I went to bed aggravated and after lying there for a few minutes I remembered that I had the Ride-On in the tires. I went back out in the garage and pulled the nail out, rolled the bike back until the nail hole was on the bottom and aired it up, then went to bed. To my surprise it was holding air in the morning. I reluctantly went on the ride on Saturday. I told everyone in the club that I might not be able to hang with them all day. We made a couple of stops at about 50 miles each to see if it was holding air and it was and still is today 14 months later. Tonight I've just ordered two new tires and tubes for my Roady and some more Ride-On. To be totally honest I've added air to the tire probably 6 times and probably 2 or 3 times to the front tire that has no nail holes. But, I haven't had to pull the tire off and patch the tube and I didn't have to miss a good ride. I wouldn't recommend doing what I did. I'm a curious guy and I just had to know how long it would last. 6,000 miles to be exact.."
William Smith

"I like the way it kept my tires from Scalping. The front tire on my Goldwing was just starting to scalp at 10K miles when I added my first bottle. It stopped the scalp and kept the tire smooth for the next 5K miles when I changed it."
Ronald Render

"I had ride on in both tires and at 80+ the bike was smother and felt more stable seemed to smooth out the low speed handling too. As a SEALANT there is nothing better that I can think of. Damn near shredded a rear tire last week hitting a coke bottle. I had multiple punctures and the tire was down to about 20 Lbs. Just rode on to nearest air pump about 20 miles added 41 to rear then rode 60 miles more at about 50 mph. I had been doing a solo Nevada desert loop and was out of cell phone range ... Damn stuff WORKS! Tire since replaced, had a slow leak about 5 lbs a day."


“I have been using Ride-On in my bike tires for about 2 years. Last Sunday I had an occasion to need it. I picked up a nail in the rear tire where the tread turns into sidewall. I heard it hitting the fender but did not lose pressure. I stopped and pulled out the nail. The tire at first was losing air so I rolled the bike to where the hole was now down. Air loss stopped. I then rode to a gas station and topped off the tire to riding pressure and rode home for about 30 miles. When I got home the tire was down to 10 pounds but I did get there. This stuff is really amazing and I won't be riding again without it. Thanks.”
Steve Standefer

Hyder AK“I put in Ride-On in my tires last summer and drove 14,000 miles in 24 days, including extremely rough gravel roads to Arctic Circle. After 30,000 miles, my IRC front tire still had a lot of tread left on it. In fact, I took a photo in case anyone wants to challenge the fact your product does increase tire life!"
Dr. Michael Tuccelli

"This is my second order and at this time I am very pleased. I didn't experience any punctures but did notice improved handling and better tire wear."

Robert E. Conti

"Ride-On got me home safe today, through 65 miles of traffic, with a two inch nail in the rear tire of my Nighthawk 750. The tire did not lose any air pressure. Thank you for a superb product!"

Joel McClain

" I just put it in my tires.135 [m.p.h.] no sweat!  Thanks for a great product.  It also changed my mind about changing my headset bearings.I used to have a shimmy upon deceleration, not any more! "
James Lawler

"Peace of mind - great product. New Bike .... new [Ride-On] order."

Rich Labatut

" So far, so good. Last set of tires had no problems with your product and/or corrosion. No complaints from the dealer as well when they changes the tires! :-) New tires on bike and now the Jeep will be "loaded up" with your product. "
Mark Patton

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