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Testimonials for 'Motorcycles'

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What People Are Saying About Us

Below are a few samples of what our motorcycle product customers are saying about Ride-On. The actions, opinions and comments reflected herein are not those of Inovex Industries, Inc. (“Inovex”) nor that of Inovex’s owners, employees, contractors or agents. Inovex vigorously supports the observance of laws and regulations regarding speed and safety. A tire that has been punctured must be inspected as soon as possible by a tire professional, to determine if it is repairable or if it needs replacement. Ride on, and ride safely!
"I used Ride-On in my Bridgestone factory tires on my Triumph Bonneville America. Bridgestone tires aren't that great and everyone I know gets about 6000 miles out of them. I don't know if having Ride-On in my tires made the difference or not but I got almost 11,000 out of my tires. Yes, I do check my pressure every time I ride and make sure it is right. They are finally shot and replaced with Avon tires. That's why I am now reordering for my new tires. Just the peace of mind of knowing it will fix the small leaks you may get is worth it to me. Thanks and Ride Safe"
Albert Lindhorst

“I have noticed increased ease of handling due to better tire balance especially at high speed curves..”
Steve Dixon

“Used product many times. Its great!”
James Thurman

“No puncture experience as yet, but an immediate improvement of stability, balance and handling, probably enhanced by the 21-inch front tire on my bike with the sealant in it. The best investment I have made since purchasing the motorcycle. I'll never ride without Ride-On TPS in my tires.”
Terry Blackmon

"I don't know if it prevented any flats, but I got 26,000 miles out of a motorcycle tire that usually only lasts about 14,000. I'm not going to argue with success."
Forrest Phillips

“This is my second order. I just replaced the Bridgestone BT56 tires on my Triumph. I got 7,000 miles out of them including about 2,000 miles of spirited mountain riding. Excellent product.”
Alice Beaty

“This stuff is very good and save you a lot of grief and headaches”

Weah Roberts

"I've replaced 2 tires on my Harley to find roofing screws in both of them. But I never knew it because they never leaked!. It's good having it because I ride about 25,000 miles per year. Thanks for a great product."
Terry Kleeblatt

"Everyone should be using this product. My tires appear to loose about 50% less air just sitting around compared to my tires without the sealant. Also, the tires stay balanced with no "balling-up" of the fluid. My tire mileage appears to be excellent also. I have been telling everyone I see on the road what a great product you have. Thanks for providing peace of mind when I'm out on the road."
Steve McCandless

“Continues to work great! Last year was the first year that I didn't have to change tires on my BMW K1200LT. I have about 14,000 miles on Bridgestone's BattleAx BT020 and still counting with a trip planned to Daytona from MI in a couple of weeks. I'm ordering now because I don't think I can go another year on these tires, or can I?”
Kamal Nuriddin

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