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Testimonials for 'Motorcycles'

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What People Are Saying About Us

Below are a few samples of what our motorcycle product customers are saying about Ride-On. The actions, opinions and comments reflected herein are not those of Inovex Industries, Inc. (“Inovex”) nor that of Inovex’s owners, employees, contractors or agents. Inovex vigorously supports the observance of laws and regulations regarding speed and safety. A tire that has been punctured must be inspected as soon as possible by a tire professional, to determine if it is repairable or if it needs replacement. Ride on, and ride safely!

"A few weeks ago I changed the tires on my Honda VTX1800. As I have for so many years, I again put your product in my tires. Before using your product, I used to get front wheel cupping, and constant buzzing in the handle bars. All these problems have been eliminated ever since the day I started using your {Ride-On TPS} sealer. Also I noticed my useable tire life was extended approximately 3k miles. That equals a free set of tires every 4 to 5 replacements - a savings of $200 to $400 for a pair of good tires. I have never seen a BIT of rim damage from your sealer when changing my tires. When returning from Key West to Orlando FL at 2 AM, I ran over a small piece of plywood on interstate I-95. Just as I drove over the board in the dark I saw nails reflect off my head light. I pulled to a stop to find that one of the nails went into, and back out of both my front and rear tires. In the middle of a dark night In the middle of no where, I said to myself, well let's see if your {Ride-On TPS] sealer is really going to work as promised. I got back on my VTX1800 and drove at about 40 MPH for a few miles. Got off and checked the tire pressure, I still had 40 lbs in both tires. I took [my bike} up to 65 mph and rechecked in about 20 more miles. Still at 40 lbs each. I got home 150 miles later still at 40 lbs. Relieved and so thankful that your GREAT product saved me from two flats and all the misery that would have come from being stuck on the side of a very dark road, at a bad time of night. I know this has been a long comment, but I KNOW my security, and maybe even my life may have been in jeopardy if I had been stranded out there at that late hour. Thanks again for such a great product."

Jim Lampa

" Withing a few days of the publication of our September issue featuring our article, "Tire Selants - What You Should Know", we received a phone call from Mark Farkhan, the president of Inovex Industries, maker of the Ride-On Tire Protection System."

"Tire Sealant Company Responds"
- Another Point of View - Wing World, November 2004"
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Tire Sealant Company

“Was riding @ 70mph and to my bad luck I ran over a 3/8" pointed self threading bolt and heard it puncture the tire (rear) and then heard air leakage for what seemed 3 or 4 revs. most likely more, then it sealed up but knew I had a major problem because of noise. By now I was down to about 20mph and was using only front brake. Came to complete stop and checked out as yet unknown problem. Seen this large bolt for this 180/70 R 16 tire imbedded somewhat at an angle and was surprised it was holding. Rode another 10 miles at about 30mph home. I'm sold on ride-on. Ordered this again plus a new tire. thank you, who knows what could have happened without ride-on in tire!”
John Gellhaus

“I have been riding motorcycles for 47 years and this product has lived up to all my expectations. Improved tire wear has been awesome and coupled with having to check the air less often makes this product hit the top of the charts! Great job Ride On!”

William J. Novak

“Recently hit a board with a nail that punctured both tires. My friend had 2 bottles of Ride-on that we put in the tires. Both tires hold air so well that I don't seem to have even the daily/weekly seepy leak that most tires have. I'm sold.”
Joseph C. Freeland

Motorcross“A friend used Ride-On after reading about in Rider Magazine and had good results. I got a nail in a new rear tire on my Honda 1800 and he gave me a tube to try. It has worked great for me in the last 2000 miles. I'm 'sold' on Ride-On. I plan to put it in my front tire to see if it fixes my 'wobble'. I am ordering cases of your product for motorcycles and SUV's.”
Marvin Schiffler

“I discovered Ride-on, though an ad in a magazine, after experiencing a high speed flat on my cruiser. After 3 years of using this product I have found nails & screws in my Yamaha VMax tires ONLY when they were replaced for new ones. Amazing product that works far beyond anything imaginable.”
Mark E. Phillips

“Ride-On is a great confidence builder on long trips through desolate territory. Adds a new dimension of riding quality and smoothness."

Todd B. VanSlyke

“Have used before. My tires used to lose a couple of lbs. a week of air pressure now maybe a half a lb. a month. . I put it in most of my friends bike who I ride with me because I don't want their flats to ruin my ride. Thanks.”
Robert Zarick

“Used by many members of the North Alabama Road Riders. Have had several members pick up nails, screws and one even had a new tire to unseal from rim and ride- on resealed the bead. This is a great product!”
Rodger McClure

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