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No Comparison with Ride-On TPS for Safety and Savings

Comparing Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS) with alternatives is like comparing oranges to apples. The impossible-to-miss bright orange goo is a revolutionary tyre sealant and balancer all in one. Certainly Ride-On TPS prevents dreaded tire flats, but that's not the whole story. It also is the only proven tire balancer at high speeds, ensuring air pressure is preserved to boost fuel efficiency and extend the life of tires. This orange gel-like sealant contains fibers six times stronger than steel, coating the inner liners of tires and providing invaluable protection from hazards.

Ride-On Tire Sealant is easily installed right through the stem cap and into the tire’s valve system. Once the orange goo is inserted into the tire, vehicle owners may enjoy a ride free of worry over flats, blowouts, and spending too much money on new tires and gasoline. Properly inflated tires experience less friction with the road, optimizing fuel economy resulting in savings of up to 3% in fuel. Further savings are realized because the orange goo can help extend tire life by 25% or more.

Beyond tire balance, our unique tire sealant effectively shuts puncture holes up to a quarter-inch in size, and the seal lasts the life of the tire. Ride-On Tire Sealant can be used for all types of tires, including personal vehicles and motorcycles as well as government agency cars and trucks, construction crews, and large hauling rigs.

Maintaining a vehicle requires diligence in a number of areas – starting with the engine and including everything else from the windshield to the interior. Erase tire maintenance from the equation with the vivid orange tyre sealant as well as other Ride-On products or services such as roadside assistance or specialized formulations just for agricultural or farm vehicles. LED Smart Caps for Fire and ambulances ensure emergency personnel get to where they need to be, fast and safely.