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One Product, Four Amazing Benefits

Anyone who values a proactive approach to car maintenance is probably already aware of the tremendous benefits that Ride-On orange tire sealant has in the prevention of flat tires, but it also has several more lesser-known benefits that make it an essential addition to any fleet or individual vehicle. While puncture repair is the feature that most people think of when they use Ride-On, it is also proven to hydrodynamically balance tires, improve the overall life of the tire, and keep tire pressure consistent by reducing the porosity of the tire.

Some people assume that a tire sealant will gunk up the inside of the tire and sacrifice tire life to protect against punctures, but Ride-On is specifically engineered to both prevent flats and extend tire life, so you don’t have to compromise anything. And, with decreased porosity, you won’t have to worry about constantly checking the pressure of your tires. While vehicle fleet managers are perhaps the most grateful for Ride-On because of how it makes their job easier, it is also loved by individuals, especially motorcycle and ATV enthusiasts.

Especially on motorcycles, there is not much room on the bike to carry a spare tire, so riders often look for another method of puncture repair. A tire blow-out can be especially dangerous on these small personal vehicles, because they can cause a driver to lose control and potentially crash. In these cases, Ride-On is not just a convenience, but a true life-saver. Whatever your reason for choosing Ride-On, you will enjoy all of the additional benefits it has to offer!