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Orange Tyre Sealant from a Team with a Proven Track Record

At Ride-On, we’re proud to be the provider of an iconic orange tyre sealant that promotes safety in vehicles as diverse as motorcycles, trucks, automobiles, recreational vehicles and even construction and industrial equipment. That’s because our Ride-On Tire Protection System is a gel-like sealant and tire balancer that contains fibers that are six times stronger than steel. When these fibers coat the inner liners of tires, the orange tire sealant is formulated to prevent flats that are caused by punctures.

Essentially, our sealant will hydrodynamically balance tire/wheel assemblies for the life of the tire, lowering operating temperatures and helping each tire to maintain its set-point pressure by eliminating porosity of air loss. Simply put, it’s a remarkably effective product designed by an undeniably ingenious team at Inovex Industries, Inc. Since 1995, Inovex has been committed to the highest level of quality – a fact that is evidenced by the stringent laboratory testing done on every product by our in-house staff of experienced engineers, as well as our many thousands of satisfied customers.

As impressive as our orange tire sealant may be, it’s still only one of many products offered by our incredible team in order to keep drivers safe. Similarly effective offerings include our LED Smart Cap TPMS, and various Roadside Assistance programs. The LED Smart Cap Tire Pressure Monitor valve cap is a must for those who want to make certain that their tires are properly inflated. Together with the entirety of our impressive product line, the TPMS can prove invaluable in protecting your tires – and the passengers under your care.