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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

OEM Applications

Have the equipment manufacturer Install Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS) tire sealants into your new trailers, power units or other wheeled equipment!

Join the growing number of fleets that have the manufacturer install Ride-On into tires before the new vehicles (or equipment) leave(s) the plant. Ordering Great Dane trailers and Freightliner power units? No problem! Scheduling a delivery of new Wabash trailers and Sterling tractors? Can do! We know these manufacturers and they know Ride-On. Many of the largest US original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket modification facilities, including those mentioned, are certified Ride-On installers.

OEM TrailersNot only trailers and tractors, but also the manufacturers of construction equipment, agricultural vehicles, golf carts, scooters…we can and will work with any and all makers of vehicles that use pneumatic tires to incorporate Ride-On TPS tire sealants into their production schedules.

We can help ensure that your tires are protected from the get-go. Just call us toll-free at 1-888-374-3366 and ask to speak to a National and OEM Account Representative.

For unparalleled tire protection and cost savings, remember to request Ride-On TPS tire sealants when spec'ing new vehicles and mounted tires!

Specifically, the Ride-On Tire Protection System helps to…

1. Increase tire life by up to 25% or more (through air pressure maintenance and balancing);
2. Maintain set-point tire pressures 3 to 4 times longer (by helping to reduce porosity loss);
3. Make tires virtually impervious to flats (by reducing tire-related road failures by 85 to 95%);
4. Balance tire/wheel assemblies (by acting as a hydrodynamic tire balancer).
Reducing the Carbon Footprint by Ride On