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Plan Ahead and Stay on the Road with Ride-On

Many people assume that the only way to deal with a flat tire is to carry around a spare tire in the back of their vehicle. But, changing a tire is not only labor intensive, it takes valuable time that you could be spending on the job. Individuals and fleet managers across the country are now realizing the best way to deal with puncture repair is with a proactive approach that stops flat tires before they occur.

With Ride-On orange tire sealant, you can install it before a puncture occurs, and feel assured in the fact that you can be protected from punctures up to a quarter of an inch in size. Not only does it prevent punctures, but it is also proven to extend the life of the tire by up to 25% by hydrodynamically balancing the tires as you drive.

All you need to do is visit our testimonial page to see that fleet managers across the country are thrilled at both the time and the tire replacement cost that Ride-On tire sealant saves them. Ride-On also helps prevent pressure loss, so drivers can be sure that they are driving with the correct tire pressure for longer. While many people still resort to carrying spare tires in the back of their car, truck, or commercial hauler, products like Ride-On are proving that preventative measures are the way to go when it comes to making sure your drivers can stay on the road, doing whatever it is that helps your company thrive.