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Prevent Blow-Outs

If you’ve ever experienced a sudden blow-out or flat tire while driving on the highway, you know that few events are as unnerving or as dangerous. Ride-On Tire Protection System is a highly effective sealant and tire balancer that coats tires from the inside with a gel-like substance that contains extremely strong fibers. These fibers are six times stronger than steel and are specifically designed to protect tires against punctures and other damage that can cause sudden and very dangerous blow-outs.

From ordinary consumers to the most knowledgeable of automotive enthusiasts, Ride-On has elicited praise as a tire sealant that is able to protect tires from such hazards as broken glass and nails. The sealant works through the centrifugal force exerted by the spinning of tires. As holes are created by road hazards, the coating is forced into the holes, thereby creating a new air-tight seal.

Aside from sharp objects and ordinary wear and tear, excessively low tire pressure is another frequent cause of highway blow-outs and sudden flats. That’s why Ride-On Tire Protection System is accompanied by Ride-On LED Smart Cap tire pressure monitoring system. This TPMS sensor replaces the valve cap on tires, lighting up if tire pressure drops by 4 psi (pounds per square inch) or more. Once this occurs, the light will stay on for up to 750 hours (approximately 31 and a quarter days) until the situation is addressed.

For more information on all Ride-On products promoting safety, efficiency, and performance, please contact Ride-On online or call us toll free at 1-888-3-Ride-On.