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Protection from a Dangerous Blowout with Ride-on Tire Sealant

A tire blowout is a dangerous incident that can happen to any of us, and is hopefully one that you can avoid. A blowout is a rapid deflation of pressure from your tire that leads to a minor explosion of force. This force is enough to immediately compromise the handling of your vehicle, and due to the rapid and unexpected nature of the event, can result in a crash, especially if you’re traveling at high speed. The Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS) that we provide is one way you can avoid having to experience this frightening circumstance for yourself.

Our orange tyre sealant coats your tire with a special formula that is designed specifically to prevent flats which can be caused punctures. It’s also lowers the operating temperature of the tire and helps it maintain its set-point pressures by eliminating porosity air less. Our sealant is carefully manufactured for nine different formulas for high speed, off road applications and much more. Whether you drive a car, SUV, or motorcycle, our special sealant will extend the life of you tyres while offering you protection from a potentially deadly blow out. Because our system is so effective, it can extend the life of your tire by up to 25%, long after your tire warranty may have expired.

In addition to our popular tire sealants, ride-on offers a variety of products and services including tire roadside assistance membership programs. Our assistance program give you 24-hour emergency fuel, fluid delivery, and battery jumpstarts for up to one year. You may also be eligible for towing up to 15 miles and 24-hour emergency tire changes. For more assurance of safety on the road, our team at Ride-On will offer you peace of mind.