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Puncture Repair

Inovex Industries, the premier provider of tire puncture repair products around the world, is the manufacturer of the revolutionary tire sealant and tire balancer (tyre sealant and balancer) Ride-On. This gel-based substance containing fibers six times stronger than steel is easily applied during mount-up or injected through the valves stem of any car, motorcycle, ATV, or commercial truck tire (tyre). Now when you pick up a nail or other puncturing objects that would normally send you to the side of the road to call a tow truck, you won’t even slow down. By utilizing the natural properties of centrifugal force, Ride-On flows into the tear and seals punctures virtually instantly. No more dangerous side of the road tire changes. No more missed meetings.

However, Ride-On is much more than just an instantaneous tire puncture repair solution. Besides sealing 90% of punctures in the crown area of the tire from objects up to a 1/4 inch in diameter, Ride-On extends tire life by 25% or more. By maintaining set pressure points 500% better than untreated tires, Ride-On tires run cooler and increase fuel efficiency. Ride-On is also the only proven high-speed tire balancer (tyre balancer) and tire sealant (tire sealant) on the market today. Ride-On’s unique ability to hydrodynamically balance tires is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional lead wheel weights that are now banned by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of many US states and foreign countries.

For over fifteen years, Ride-On’s tire sealant, balancer and puncture repair formulas have been used around the world by militaries, commercial trucking fleets, heavy equipment operators, motorcycle enthusiasts, government and municipal fleets, mining, and much much more. So when it comes to tire puncture repair, don’t settle for less than the very best.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint by Ride On