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Reduce Downtime with Ride-On

One of the responsibilities of a fleet manager is to do everything that they possibly can to ensure that their fleet is running efficiently, and incurring the lowest extra costs possible. Tire repair and replacement costs, in particular, can run up quite a high bill with some fleets, and can sometimes be the difference between a month in the red or in the black. Also, flat tires can create a huge amount of downtime, and prevent lost income due to the inability to complete jobs or deliveries on time. Thankfully, fleet managers can count on Ride-On tire sealants (tyre sealants) to prevent flat tires and blowouts, keeping vehicles on the road for longer.

Ride-On is designed for automatic puncture repair while hydrodynamically balancing tires at speeds in excess of 230 MPH. In fact, it can automatically repair a puncture up to a quarter of an inch in size. And, unlike other tire sealants that gunk up tires, requiring them to be replaced sooner, Ride-On actually extends the life of each tire due to the fact that it reduces tire operating temperatures.

Ride-On tire sealant is available in formulations for practically any vehicle imaginable, from large utility vehicles such as waste haulers, to personal driving machines like ATVs or motorcycles. Ride-On is a very popular offering at many motorcycle dealerships across the country because of how dangerous a blowout on a motorcycle can be. While Ride-On is primarily considered a cost-saving device by most of our customers, it truly can save lives.