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Reinforcing Roadside Safety with Ride-on Tire Sealant

Though it’s sometimes easy to take for granted, roadside safety is an important issue, and failing to take proper safety measures can turn any drive into a frightening – even life threatening – scenario. Fortunately, with very simple and practical preventative measures, anyone can greatly reduce the chances of accidents or mishaps. These measures are quite simple, and include actions such as regularly checking your vehicle’s fluids, practicing defensive driving, and keeping essential items in your car, such as a spare tire, flairs, or a first aid kit. At Ride-On, our team is committed to roadside safety, which is why we’ve developed a cutting edge tyre sealant system that, along with these other essential items, can also prove itself to be absolutely critical in a potentially dangerous situation.

The Ride-On tire sealant is a gel-like solution which you add to your can quickly and easily apply to your tires. Our specially formulated solution coats the inside of your tire with a solution that contains fibers that are six times stronger than steel. It is specifically designed to help prevent punctures and flats before they happen to prevent blow-outs. Our different formulas are custom created to match a variety of needs and applications, from casual road driving to off road, motorcycle, SUV, and trucks. Our system is also affordable, ensuring that your investment will pay for itself both with financial and automotive performance benefits.

Ride-On’s main purpose is to prevent blow-outs, highly dangerous events in which rapid tire deflation can result in a loss control of your vehicle, but it can also help extend the life of your tires and save money while improving performance. Ride-On’s famous orange tire sealant is the logical choice for a safer, better drive.