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Remember Our Fallen Veterans

5/29/2006 - Washington, DC
Remember Our Fallen Veterans

Memorial Bridge Wave

On this Memorial Day, Inovex salutes the US Armed Forces and their families that made sacrifices and laid their lives on the line for this great country, the United States of America, and urges our customers, vendors, friends and family to remember them. For those around the globe in the midst of battle, we wish a speedy, safe return home, for them and their families.

Thousands of motorcyclist were in Washington DC to take part in Operation Rolling Thunder - Ride for Freedom XIX (http://www.rollingthunder1.com). We hope everybody had a safe trip to Washington, DC. Please keep our troops and the POW/MIA’s in your hearts and in your prayers. Thank you Veterans and God Bless America!

Ride-On and Ride Safe!

Memorial Victory

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