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Ride-On is the Ideal Option for Tire Sealant that Ensures Your Safety

Ride-On is the Ideal Option for Tire Sealant that Ensures Your Safety

At Ride-On, you'll find a tire sealant that is the result of years of research and testing in the sort of real-life scenarios motor-vehicle drivers experience every day. The primary benefit of using our sealant over the competition is that, with Ride-On, a punctured tire will keep functioning as if nothing has happened – for the remaining life of the tire.

As you can imagine, the benefit of our sealant is particularly evident among motorcycle drivers, who experience a heightened potential for hazards every time they ride. With our motorcycle tire balancer we make flat tire repair a thing of the past for motorcycle drivers. More than a mere tire balancer, our Ride-On features a compound that evenly coats the inner surface of your motorcycle's tires. At this point, your tires will be transformed into self-sealing, top-quality tires. In the event of a puncture, the tire balancer will be pulled by centrifugal force, leading the inner air pressure to seal the tire, preventing air from escaping.

While our tire sealant is an essential resource in the event of a tire puncture, our TPMS, or tire pressure monitoring system, can ensure effective and efficient performance under any circumstance. TPMS is an LED Smart Cap that calibrates automatically to the internal pressure of a tire. In the event that the tire loses 4 PSI or more, the TPMS will alert the driver with a blinking red light. Furthermore, when the battery starts to run low, the Smart Cap sends an alert in the form a blinking yellow light.

If you are interested in the Ride-On motorcycle tire sealant, you may also qualify for a FREE Motorcycle Tire Road Hazard and Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Program. Ask us about our 24-hour emergency road service, battery service, emergency towing, and more.