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Ride-On Motorcycle Tire Balancer Offers Much-Needed Protection

Ride-On Motorcycle Tire Balancer Offers Much-Needed Protection

At Ride On, we understand that a top-quality tire sealant is a necessity for any automobile, which is why our in-house staff of experienced engineers utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and technology to ensure the highest levels of quality for every customer that utilizes our tire pressure monitoring system and various other products.

However, for a motorcycle rider, the risks that are inherent to every motorist are compounded significantly. After all, even in the best circumstances, motorcycle and scooter riders have only a helmet, proper padding and a finely-tuned vehicle to protect them from potential road hazards. Fortunately, our motorcycle tire balancer provides motorcyclists with the type of protection they need to ensure every ride is as safe as possible.

More than just a tire balancer, Ride-On is a compound that evenly coats the inner surface of a motorcycle's tires, allowing your tires to instantly self-seal while you ride. If a puncture were to occur, instead of going flat, Ride-On would be pulled by centrifugal force. This would push inner air pressure toward the hole, preventing air from escaping.

Further still, our motorcycle tire balancer replaces unsightly wheel weights altogether. This wheel balancing gives you longer lasting tires and improves your gas mileage, both of which serve as eco-friendly enhancements. It also makes unsightly wheel weights a thing of the past. Its common knowledge that Ride-On is trusted to increase the life of tires by 25%, and by using no hazardous chemicals, we ensure that it can be recyclable, and is 100% biodegradable.