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Ride-On Offers Sealant Variety for Maximum Effectiveness

Flat tires seem to routinely surprise us at the most inopportune times. And they do not play favorites. Whether it is a standard four-door sedan or a massive semi-trailer truck, flat tires afflict vehicles of all types. Flat tire repair can prove costly and time consuming for working professionals on their way to the office or truck drivers transporting large shipments to a business. That is why the Ride-On Tire Protection System has attracted the attention of customers from around the United States. It is a first-rate tire sealant that stops flats before they stop you.

The Ride-On Tire Protection System comes in many different formulations designed to provide the ultimate flat tire protection to all kinds of tires. Construction trucks, military transport vehicles and motorcycles are but a few of the various types of vehicles that Ride-On TPS protects against perforations. Ride-On tire balancer and sealant (easily applied through the stem cap of the tire) can extend the life and functionality of a tire beyond its advertised lifetime by 25% by sealing punctures and maintaining set pressure points 500% better than untreated tires. Consisting of fibers six times stronger than steel, it has also been known to improve MPG's by 1-3%, all while balancing your tires without the need for wheel weights.

Featuring in-depth white papers and introductory educational videos, Ride-On's website is an excellent resource for interested consumers Ride-On TPS has been a pioneer in their industry for nearly twenty years, and if you are interested in learning more about Ride-On Tire Protection System, contact them today by calling toll-free at 888-3-RIDE-ON.