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Ride-On Provides a Tire Sealant that Ensures Safety on the Road

At Ride-On, we've developed a reputation for providing our customers with tire sealant that can be utterly invaluable in ensuring safety for your passengers and vehicle while on the road. The famous Ride-On tire protection system is a line of gel-like sealants and balancers that contain fibers that are six times stronger than steel. When coating the inner liner of tires, this protective sealant is effective at preventing flats caused by punctures, hydrodynamically balancing tire/wheel assemblies and even serving to provide flat tire repair.

Simply put, TPMS from Ride-On is mess-free, effective and affordable. Our puncture repairing sealant doesn't result in reduction of the life of a tire or damage to wheel components in any way. Further still, the sealant can be used for all types of tires. In fact, government municipalities, construction crews and everyday motorists alike have all come to trust Ride-On for their tire protection needs. We even offer a motorcycle tire balancer for motorcyclists looking to ensure their safety while riding.

Ride-On tire sealant requires only a single application for the entire life of the tire, preventing flats from occurring after punctures from nails, glass or other debris on the road. By working with centrifugal force and the internal pressure that is present in a spinning tire, our sealant fills any hole immediately. The result? Air is prevented from leaving the tire, and the driver is able to keep driving. Our sealant consists of a compound that is six times stronger than steel, yet still safe and free from chemicals that could harm the o-zone layer.