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Ride-On Smart Cap, Formulas Represent Breakthrough in Industry

The Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS) tire balancer and sealant is a ground-breaking tire sealant designed to protect against punctures and flats in tires of all sizes and strengths. The fibers that comprise Ride-On's sealant are stronger than steel, and the materials that make up their products are non-hazardous and fully biodegradable, making them completely safe for public use.

One area where Ride-On has found particular success is with their distinctive motorcycle tire balancer formula. Unlike other motorcycle tire sealants, which essentially attempt to plug leaks and always throw the tires out of balance, Ride-On's one of a kind formula is designed to actually balance tires without the need of wheel weights of any kind. Ride-On's Motorcycle Dynamic Balancer and sealant is applied through the valve stem. Once installed, as the motorcycle tires spin, a protective coating of sealant spreads around the entire circumference of the tire to stop punctures from turning into flats while also hydrodynamically balancing them. If and when the tire is pierced, the sealant fills the hole and preserves its functionality. By replacing your valve cap with a Ride-On LED Smart Cap Tire Pressure Monitoring System, drivers will always know if their tires are running low on air by its flashing red light. Something every rider should want to know.

Ride-On has been a pioneer and leader in the tire sealant technology industry since 1995. Whether you are looking to safeguard a family passenger van, military transport vehicle or industrial trailer truck, the Ride-On catalog contains products that benefit consumers of all types.