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Ride On Tire Sealant

Whether you take to the road for business or pleasure, the traveler needs reliable transport. The Ride-On Tire Protection System (Ride-On TPS) is a premier line of effective tire sealants for all vehicle tires and the leading choice for sportsman, military, law enforcement, and recreational riders. Ride-On Tire Sealant is virtually indestructible, as seen in numerous demonstrations and attested to by customers who have purchased the sealant for their extensive travels on the open road.

The sealants are preventative, but also act as remedy for damage that has occurred. The sealants provide full coverage of the inner surfaces of tires, preventing 85 to 90% flat tires caused by punctures and leaks. Additionally, these highly-rated products were specially designed to work as a tire balancer. As you put the pedal to the metal, Ride-On Tire Sealant will hydro-dynamically balance your tires, and in the case that the tire was perforated at some point, the sealant will act as a flat tire repair, filling the perforation so the rider can continue his journey, uninterrupted.

Ride-On provides extreme protection at a low price. The bike rider can confidently travel at the highest speeds, having applied this dual-protection tire repair solution and motorcycle tire balancer. Our specialized sealants for cars and SUVs afford the driver the same protection, and the solution can be used for bicycles, scooters, lawnmowers, and more. Ride-On Tire Sealant includes instruction for proper application. Our shop also offers 5 or 55-gallon industrial-grade conditioner and sealants.

Browse our website to locate and learn about the sealant that is right for your vessel. For additional information or answers to your specific questions, contact Ride-On today.

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