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Ride-On Tire Sealants Roll Out in Nigeria

3/9/2007 - Sterling, VA
Ride-On Tire Sealants Roll Out in Nigeria


Inovex Industries, Inc., the manufacturer of the Ride-On TPS line of tire sealants and pumps, is pleased to announce the initialization of its business in Nigeria.

This first major market opening for Ride-On on the African continent is headed by Kayode Thomas, a Nigeria- and UK-based entrepreneur with several successful wholesale service businesses.

Over the past few months, Thomas has spent a substantial period of time at Inovex’s headquarters in the United States learning about the Ride-On TPS product line, and is now looking forward to growing Ride-On into one of the most recognized and trusted brands in Nigeria. “Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt are our initial target markets, but we intend to make Ride-On tire sealants available in all areas of the country shortly,” stated Thomas.

“Nigeria is a large market on the move,” asserted Andrew McCabe, the CFO and VP of Strategic Planning at Inovex. “The recent substantial reduction in [Nigeria’s] external debt, strong GDP growth and the promise of the first civilian-to-civilian transfer of power in the nation’s history this coming April suggest a impending boom in infrastructure investment in that country.”

Hormoz Farkhan, Inovex’s chief scientist, outlined the anticipated impact of Nigeria’s accelerating economic growth on the sales of Ride-On. “With fleets large and small set to log far more miles both on- and off-road in the coming years, fleet managers and individual vehicle owners will increasingly seek out the use of cost-saving products such as Ride-On TPS tire sealants to help them keep a lid on their skyrocketing vehicle operating costs.” Farkhan went on to point out that tire-related costs were usually among the top three costs of commercial fleet operations, along with fuel and salaries. “Premature wear due to under-inflation or out-of-balance tire/wheel assemblies, flat tires due to punctures from road debris – the use of Ride-On TPS tire sealants substantially reduces such costly, time-consuming and dangerous events,” added Farkhan.

For further information on the availability of Ride-On TPS in Africa, the US, or in any other part of the world, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Inovex on either 1 (888) 374 3366 (US only) or +1 (703) 421 9778. Please also pay us a visit on the web at www.ride-on.com.

For further information on the Ride-On TPS line of tire sealants and pumps in Nigeria, please contact Ride-On Nigeria on +234 1 2719764, or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

About Inovex Industries

Inovex is the US-headquartered specialty chemicals manufacturer and distributor whose banner product is the Ride-On™ Tire Protection System (“Ride-On”), a proprietary industrial compound that reduces incidences of flat tires (tyres) caused by punctures from nails, thorns, screws and other debris. Ride-On also helps tires to maintain set pneumatic pressure, cools tires and extends the useful life of tires. Ride-On is used worldwide by countless first responders, commercial over-the-road truck fleets, construction companies, militaries, waste haulers, municipalities and other fleets interested in saving money on operating costs. Inovex makes formulations designed for both high-speed, on-road as well as low-speed, off-road use. For trucks, pickups, cars, buses, motorcycles, scooters, forklifts, backhoes, bobcats, even bicycles…if it’s got a tire, it needs Ride-On. For more information, please call us toll-free in the US on 1 (888) 374 3366 (+1 (703) 421 9778 outside the US) or visit us on the web at www.ride-on.com.

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