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Ride-On's LED Smart Caps Shine through the Fog of Low Tire Pressure

Ride-ON's LED Smart Cap Tire Pressure Monitoring System is an easy-to-use, clearly understood way to guarantee that your tires are performing at peak efficiency and safety. We offer a version of our Smart Cap for a huge range of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs, SUVs, trucks, commercial trucks, tractor-trailers, and much more. The simple-to-install TPMS automatically adjusts to the internal pressure of the tire and alerts you by blinking red when it drops below a set psi (4 psi in motorcycle and automobile versions and 4 psi or 8 psi options for commercial vehicle versions).

The Ride-On Smart Caps are also generally foolproof. They have enough battery to blink a red light non-stop for about 750 hours. This is over a month of continuous notice that your tire pressure needs attention. Furthermore, the tire pressure sensor notifies the user of when the batteries are running out. The caps were designed to blink yellow to distinguish the notification from the tire pressure one and they retain enough charge to blink for 100 hours to properly alert you to replace their battery.

There are so many benefits to maintaining proper tire pressure with Ride-On, after all. Proper tire inflation extends the life of the tire, saves a noticeable percentage on fuel, and prevents dangerous tire blowouts. Plus, Ride-On's Tire Pressure Monitoring System doesn't interfere with the broad majority of tire warranties, so there's nothing to lose. Contact us online for more information about this or any product created by Ride-On.