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Ride-On's Online Reputation Shows Tire Sealant's Reliability

The videos online of Ride-On tire sealant are amazing; tires filled with the sealant run over nails, are drilled into, and stabbed with a pick, then the tires go directly on the road. The product performs an immediate flat tire repair by sealing these punctures right away. While the lengths that these testers go through—the drilling, the stabbing, etc.—is a little overblown, it does show how adeptly the Ride-On tire sealant can protect a driver when in an emergency situation on the road. Studies have shown that the Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS) can prevent 85 to 90% of flat tires caused by punctures and leaks.

Besides acting as an emergency sealant, the Ride-On TPS also acts as an innovative tire balancer. Easily installed through the stem valve and spread around by the tires normal rotations, the sealant coats the insides of the tire evenly. It hydrodynamically balances your tires and prevents porous air loss, keeping tires operating at optimum efficiency. Plus, the gel consistency of Ride-On TPS means that it acts as a dynamic balancer; it can adapt to any changes in the shape of the tire that occur due to natural wear.

There is a unique Ride-On Tire Protection System formula for a wide-range of tire types. Formulas for motorcycles, scooters, waste haulers, automobiles, trucks, tractor trailers, industrial machines, ATVs, UTVs, SUVs, and even bicycles bring the balancing and puncture repair capabilities of Ride-On TPS to practically any vehicle on the market. Contact us with any questions about ordering Ride-On TPS, carrying it in your stores, or which formula works best for your vehicles.