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Ride On's Tire Sealant and LED Smart Caps Bring Powerful Protection

If you are interested in a reliable tire sealant, then look no further than the Ride-On Tire Protection System ("Ride-On TPS"), a line of gel-like formulas used to coat and protect tires for motorcycles, automobiles, SUVs, vans, light and heavy trucks, ATVs, and more. Once you install Ride-On TPS and the wheels start to rotate, this breakthrough tyre sealant automatically coats the inner lining of your tires. In the event of a puncture, the centrifugal force of the spinning tires automatically forces the gel into the breach, sealing it immediately. This revolutionary product is comprised of fibers six times stronger than steel!

Ride-On’s popular tire sealant now has a new best friend: the new LED Smart Cap, an extremely effective tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that is easy to install and self-calibrates to the pressure of each individual tire. This tire pressure monitoring system – called the Ride-On LED Smart Cap – has a battery life up to 100 hours and serves to clearly indicate low pressure (a drop of 4 PSI or more) with a blinking red light. Together, Ride-On’s tire sealant and TPMS serve as a powerful protection for all kinds of motorists.

If you purchase the LED Smart Cap in a 2-pack motorcycle blister pack or 4-pack automobile blister pack, you may be entitled to Ride-On’s FREE roadside assistance program. On top of that, if you purchase Ride-On’s motorcycle tire sealant, you may be entitled to a FREE one-year membership in their TCP/24 Motorcycle Tire Road Hazard and Motorcycle Assistance Program.

To learn more about either the gel-based tire sealant or LED Smart Cap, or about the different roadside assistance services offered by Ride-On, you can find additional details on this website. You are also invited to contact the professionals at Ride-On directly with any questions that you might have.