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Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance Roadside Assistance TCP24 Roadside Assistance

Inovex Industries, Inc. believes so strongly in providing its customers the best service and protection it has started to offer a FREE Roadside Assistance membership with purchase of its Auto & Motorcycle line of tire sealants and balancers packaged in select premium bottle kits. It is also offering Free Roadside Assistance membership and Tire Hazard Replacement coverage through its Tire Coverage Plus 24 dealer network. A Free Roadside Assistance membership will also be offered with the purchase of its LED Smart Cap Tire Pressure Monitor (TPMS) systems for motorcycles and autos. Whether you are buying the TPS tire sealant or LED Smart Caps from select dealers or Ride-On’s website, buyers of our qualifying packages get free roadside assistance after quick online registration (available in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico).

Access to the roadside assistance program entitles you to 24-hour emergency fuel, fluid delivery, and battery jumpstarts for up to one year (non-commercial vehicles on public roads only). Furthermore, depending on your vehicle and purchase, your roadside assistance can grant you the following: towing up to 15 miles, 24-hour emergency tire changes, trip interruption protection, online travel/rental car discounts, and theft/hit-and-run coverage. (Specifics are provided after customer registration. They can be seen and printed on a Terms and Conditions sheet, complete with 24-hour toll-free claims and customer service numbers, directly from your computer.)

Auto Tire Repair Tire sealant roadside assistance comes with the purchase of certain premium bottle kits of Ride-On TPS for autos and motorcycles. Ride-On tire sealant and balancer is an environmentally-friendly compound that quickly seals puncture holes, balances your tires, improves MPG, and extends tire life. Installed through the tire's valve stem, Ride-On coats the inner liner of the tire using the centrifugal force generated by its rotation when in motion. It seals punctures up to a quarter inch in diameter using centrifugal force and the tire’s internal air pressure. These forces push the Ride-On fibers through the cavity, sealing it instantly. Through maintaining set pressure points 500% better than untreated tires by dramatically reducing porosity air loss, Ride-On also extends tire life by 25% or more. It also improves fuel efficiency!
LED Smart Cap Smart cap roadside assistance is available with the purchase of a 2-pack of Motorcycle LED Smart Cap TPMS sensors or a 4-pack of Automobile LED Smart Cap TPMS sensors. These LED Smart Caps blink red when tire pressure drops by 4 psi. In case you miss it right then, it can blink for up to a month and will also blink yellow to warn you when it is low on batteries.
There’s more. It's self-calibrating, reusable, and automatically adjusts for temperature changes, making it a perfect complement to the Ride-On TPS. A commercial version of the LED Smart Cap TPMS sensor is also available for commercial and fleet applications.
Tire Coverage Plus 24 Program Tire Coverage Plus 24 Program: The Tire Coverage Plus 24 (TCP/24) program is an extensive roadside assistance and tire hazard repair/replacement program ensures that if anything goes wrong for a customer, Ride-On is there to help. This unique benefits package comes free to every motorcycle customer who buys Ride-On's TCP/24 tire sealant balancer and TCP/24 program through an authorized TCP/24 dealership and registers online.

The TCP/24 program is loaded with valuable benefits. The 24-hr roadside assistance program includes flat bed towing up to 15 miles, battery inspection and replacement, fluid/fuel delivery, and general roadside assistance. It's basically a free AAA membership, except the TCP/24 takes it one step further. It offers a tire repair/replacement credit of up to $150 in the case of a tire failure from a road hazard regardless of how big or where the puncture occurs. It also includes trip interruption protection of up to $300 for meals, lodging, and transportation if involved in a collision more than 150 miles away from home. There are online travel discounts, rental car discounts, theft and hit and run assistance and more. All in all, the new motorcycle Tire Coverage Plus 24 program allows Ride-On's motorcycle customers to enjoy complete peace of mind on the road, whether it's during a drive in the city or a cross-country trip (available only to registered street motorcycles that operate on public roads).