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Samaritan endangered by inconsiderate drivers

8/17/2007 - Illinois - Pentagraph.com
Samaritan endangered by inconsiderate drivers

On my way home from work going east on Illinois 9 on Aug. 7, I encountered my very first flat tire. Thankfully, I was able to pull over without incident.

No sooner had I put the car in park when a gentleman in a vehicle behind me pulled over in front of me and offered assistance. Note that it was 95-plus degrees out that day!

The flat tire was the one in front on the driver’s side which left Mr. Rick Fisk, president of Contruction Equipment Indicators from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in a bit of danger while changing the tire.

I tried to divert traffic by standing a distance down from the car and motioning to drivers to get over if they could. I was very surprised that some people would not slow down or pull over to the other lane. Mr. Fisk was taking quite a chance of being injured while changing my tire.

I would just like to thank Mr. Fisk once again and remind drivers that they have an obligation to slow down and move over when situations like this occur.

Mary Beth Decker

Rural Fairbury

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