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Stay On the Road with Ride-On Tire Sealant

Nobody likes pulling over to the side of the road to change a spare tire. If you don’t like something, why do it? With Ride-On Tire Sealant, flat tires can become a thing of the past! By installing Ride-On’s recognizable orange tire sealant in the tires of your car, tuck, motorcycle or ATV, you can stop punctures before they cause a blowout, while at the same time benefitting from tires that are hydrodynamically balanced and longer lasting.

Not only can stopping a blowout save time and money, but it can also save lives. When a tire immediately goes flat in a car, the driver is typically able to bring the vehicle safely to the side of the road without an accident occurring. Yet, what happens to a motorcyclist or ATV rider when a tire blows out is entirely different. An immediate flat can cause these smaller, less stable vehicles to tip or collide with another vehicle, inviting the risk of serious injury. Luckily, Ride-On’s advanced tire sealant can stop these blowouts before they occur, keeping the rider out of harm’s way. This immediate motorcycle puncture repair was previously unheard of before Ride-On tire sealant made it a reality!

In addition to helping keep motorcyclists safe and on the road, Ride-On tyre sealant is also used by commercial and municipal fleet managers to save time and money by reducing vehicle downtime and tire replacement costs. Whether too many flat tires have your concerned about your time, your money, or your health, Ride-On tire sealant is certainly worth the investment!