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Stem Cap

Commercial fleets in the United States and all over the world are taking advantage of Ride-On’s popular stem cap, an effective and reliable tire pressure monitoring system designed to promptly alert you when your tire’s pressure dips dangerously low. When your business depends upon transporting goods, people or services across any distance, you need to rely on your vehicles, and Ride-On’s world-class tire pressure sensor enables you to do exactly that.

So how does Ride-On’s stem cap work? It’s actually quite simple. The stem cap is quickly and easily installed by screwing it right onto the tire valve system. The stem cap flashes a red light at you when your tire pressure falls below a certain point (4 psi for automobiles, motorcycles, vans, light trucks, and ATVs, and 4 or 8 psi for other commercial and heavy duty vehicles). This simple but effective tpms sensor has a 3-year battery life (for your convenience, even flashing yellow to indicate when it’s time to change batteries). The Light Vehicle model of the TPMS sensor self-calibrates for pressures from 10 psi to 70 psi. The Heavy Duty professional version works for tires with pressures ranging from 30 psi to 170 psi. That means that the same cap can be used in a wide range of vehicles. No need to stock multiple SKU numbers.

Whether you operate a charter bus company, a cargo van fleet, or any commercial fleet of vehicles, the Ride-On stem cap, or LED Smart Cap TPMS, can be a real lifesaver for your employees and your business as a whole. The Ride-On brand has earned positive word-of-mouth with companies and governments all over world, not only for their tire pressure monitoring systems, but also for their high-grade tire sealant and balancer. The combination of their tire sealant, which can automatically fill a breach in a tire while vehicle is still moving, and their LED Smart Cap, makes for a powerful tool for keeping your vehicles on the road and getting to their destinations on time.

A great place to start learning more about Ride-On’s products is their user-friendly and informative website. For additional information about stopping punctures, contact Ride-On today.

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