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I just decided to sell 1 car, and am buying (2) sets of tires for the my other cars in the next week.

Ride-on saved my friend a huge accident on his Buell Ulysses when a 3/8" piece of re-bar punctured his rear tire at 60mph. He heard a loud pop and thought it was a car backfiring. 4 miles down the road, he pulled off at his exit, drove into the parking lot and felt the bike slowly begin to tip over. He jumped off, then noticed the rear tire was flat.

Wow! A real life-saving product, Proven on the road at speed.

Also, was given a VW Beetle that had drywall screws in (2) tires. Took the car to a tire center, and they said, "We can't repair those tires because it's on the edge of the tread.." So I went home and installed Ride-on in those tires.

One was fine with the sealant, the other kept spitting the sealant out through the puncture. So, I kept rolling the car up and down the driveway, then re-filling with air. After (3) times, it finally sealed. That was (5) months ago, and they have not leaked since.

- Thomas Hunt 11-26-12



Ride-On TPS has more than 250,000 applications and over five billion miles to attest to its effectiveness. It is currently used by more than sixty cities, municipalities, government agencies, in more than 4,000 police vehicles, and in thousands of tractors and trailers. More than 25 percent of the nation's top twenty hauling and disposal fleets are now using Ride-On TPS tire sealants to help them with their pressure maintenance programs and as a means of reducing their vehicle downtime. Ride-On is available as an OEM item by the nation's largest trailer manufacturers and through six of the fifteen largest commercial tire dealers. Ride-On TPS is available in formulations for every tire application.

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