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The Orange-Colored Product that Offers Flat Tire Defense

At Ride-On, we’re proud to provide top quality products that are designed to keep you and those under your care safe and secure when you’re on the road. Though we offer a broad array of products, we’re perhaps best known to offer defense from the stress of flat tire repair with our patented Ride-On Tire Protection System (Ride-On TPS).

Ride-On TPS consists of fibers that are six times stronger than steel that coat the inner liners of tires. The protective tire sealant coating is formulated to prevent flats caused by punctures, thereby hydrodynamically balancing tire/wheel assemblies for the entire life of the tire, and even extend tire life by lowering operating temperature and helping tires to maintain their set-point pressure by eliminating porosity air loss.

Perhaps most impressively Ride-On TPS is offered in nine formulations for use in high-speed, on-road and off-road applications. That means that whether you drive a car or SUV, truck, off-road vehicle or motorcycle, you can utilize our first-rate TPS to keep your vehicle safe and secure. Simply look for the iconic orange labeling, and you’ll be on the right track toward protecting your vehicle from all the road hazards that might end up in your way.

Alongside flat tire defense, the team at Ride-On also offers a tire pressure monitoring system that keeps your tire pressure at the safest and most effective levels while you’re on the road. Simply put, for optimal protection, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ride-On – our team is eager to answer any questions you may have about our world-class products.