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The Ride-On Stem Cap is a TPMS Sensor with Many Applications

The Ride-On Stem Cap is a TPMS Sensor with Many Applications

Since our founding in 1995, we at Ride-On have been proud of our reputation as the company to trust for first-rate tire sealant. Our customers are always pleased to learn that we employ state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and technology, ensuring the highest level of quality for every sealant we produce. Further still, each batch of Ride-On is coded and tested prior to shipment, which is why our customers know that Ride-On will make competing methods for flat tire repair utterly useless.

That's why it should come as no surprise that commercial fleets the world over are taking advantage of the Ride-On stem cap, an effective and reliable tire pressure monitoring system that is designed to alert you when your tire pressure dips to dangerously low levels.

How does our stem cap work? Simple – it can quickly and easily be installed by screwing it right onto a tire valve system. From there, the stem cap flashes a red light when the tire pressure falls below a certain point. It also comes in a variety of models.

The Light Vehicle model of our TPMS sensor self-calibrates for pressures from 10 psi to 70 psi, while the Heavy Duty professional version works for tires with pressures ranging from 30 psi to 170 psi – meaning that the same cap can be used in a wide range for vehicles. For those who operate a charter bus company, a cargo van fleet, or any commercial fleet of vehicles, the Ride-On Stem Cap can quite literally be a lifesaver!