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The Stem Cap from Ride-On is a Truly Effective Tire Pressure Monitor

Ride-On's tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has quickly put the company on the map as the best possible option for drivers and motorcyclists looking to ensure the safety for their passengers and vehicles by helping a vehicle owner to maintain the proper pressure of their tires. Across the US and around the globe, Ride-On's stem cap has particularly garnered a reputation for being an effective and reliable TPMS that will promptly alert you when your tire's pressure dips to dangerously low levels.

The stem cap from Ride-On can be quickly and easily installed by screwing it directly onto the tire valve system. When the pressure falls below a certain point, the stem cap flashes a red light. With the Light Vehicle model, the TPMS sensor self-calibrates for pressures from 10 psi to 70 psi. Meanwhile, the Heavy Duty professional version works for tires with pressures that range from 30 psi to 170 psi. This means that the same cap can be used with a wide range for vehicle types.

While the TPMS is arguably our best known product at Ride-On, it is in fact only one of many invaluable tire protection measures we offer. Our tire sealant, for example, is a highly effective, eco-friendly solution to flat tires that will actually seal a tire as soon as a puncture occurs, ensuring safety from a potentially dangerous flat tire incident. At Ride-On, the road safety of our customers is our primary focus, a fact that is readily apparent in every product we offer.